Once again great time partying in a limousine


Another great night of partying inside limos! god I love my home stay family!

They are so friendly and so awesome to be around, more and ┬ámore I feel like I want to live in the United States, I’ve now spent Thanks Giving with them and Christmas, we are becoming closer and closer like family and its getting so much fun to be around them where i can just begin to let loose and have an amazing time.

Let me go over again our amazing time on New Year Eve, we gathered at their close relative house in Novi and we were just getting ready to party for the night, yes that crazy uncle was there and he was getting ready for something I couldn’t tell what

It just looked like he was excited about something, I had a small though that crossed my mind like oh no it can’t be that he’s trying to order another limo party could it?

I thought nah no way we already went on two party buses in Kalamazoo and Ann Arbor and there’s no way we will again in this part of town. I mean partying is awesome and all and I’m down for whatever but limousines can’t be that cheap. Well it just looked like he was still contemplating about it and so we told him that the night is young and we can still do all of the things he wants next time but I don’t think he was having that at all he just kept on walking back and forth across the living room like he was a hungry tiger looking for his prey.

and his prey was to party inside a limousine. and all we could tell him was to take a chill pill.

so we played some board games and next thing you know 10 pm comes around and we’re almost nearing the new years. all of the sudden we get a door bell…

no it couldn’t be, all of us thought in a fleeting moment of confusion but could it really be a 20 passenger excursion limo is sitting outside the driveway with a driver that dressed up looking like he was from a 1980’s gangster movie was waiting for us ready to take us to wherever.. we all looked at the uncle who was now grinning ear to ear and laughing hysterically at our confused expressions.


He had done nit again and I couldn’t be happier. He was a real giver everytime because he paid for everything on the limo even the tips and drinks. We were at the helm of his wishes, and he would take us anywhere in Michigan at instants notice.

This is the big difference I see between Americans and Europeans, when Americans decide they want to party, they make it happen with no excuses with us we like to plan thing perfectly before we do anything.

so the limo we went on was super cozy, warm and just about everything was inside nice light sound and leather seating. the thing was tip top shape and I loved how I could once again plug in my ipod and listen my collection for everyone to hear and it was great because the stero was bumping great quality sounds.

It was always the best feeling to be able to reach out and get a glass of drink that’s always a plus haha.

The limo driver was something else though it looked like he was from a gangster movie no lie, he was dressed mafia style which was very cool, he was kind and it added to the whole value of the night.

We are off to the races once we went inside the limo, the drinks began pouring faster, people started laughing louder, and music started filling the air and we were feeling real good the best part was that my uncle was now the top entertainer of the group telling us joke after joke, give us hard times and it was all fun.

Most of all I love being able to spend precious time with my home stay family and I will surely miss them when I leave. This has been a wonderful journey so far and I love every minute of it, I hope one day i can have them visit me in Europe and we can do the same. This will be the biggest gift and day of my life and I always fantasize about it now because I want that day to come so badly, well this has been a long post so I will end here

Let me just say that night became blurry real quick but I do remember laughing really loud and having a grand time.


Talk to you soon.

Christmas Update


It has been a furry wind of events the last night and today, drinking eggnog, meeting my family’s extended relatives, watching the American all time favorite movie Christmas Story, sharing presents, playing board games, and more.

Christmas really feels different when you are away from family and in a different country. For me there was just too many events going on to even feel an ounce of loneliness. So far my home stay experience has been phenomenal, and if you are from Europe I recommend doing it for at least a year. You will get to experience some amazing new things and meet great people that could be friends for lifetime.

Now in the USA, Christmas if family time. Tonight onward to New Year’s Eve begins more partying with friends, and as a youngster still I am very much looking forward to it. Even though the family event was already getting pretty wild and rowdy as my home stay family’s extended family were pretty out going entertaining people. I must say I really look up to Americans now and their hospitality. They may be more friendlier than folks from my home country, or maybe it is just Michigan and the fact that a lot of folks here aren’t city people but most still live in smaller towns that have more relaxed and easy going lifestyles.

What the case it may be, I am starting to really appreciate the fact that I came to Michigan and not a large city like LA or NYC. Although there were opportunities to go there, and I still would like to visit. The current family from Michigan I spoke to on skype and they just seemed some friendly that I chose this state instead and so far my intuition was spot on.

I could not have asked for a better family to be spending the Christmas with and I am grateful. Someday I will have them visit Europe and I will take them on a tour to every cool place that I know. I cannot wait for that day.

As discussed in last post I will be documenting the party we still have planned for this fine Holiday.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Another Great Party Nearing Christmas Here we Go!


In my first welcome party to the United States I wrote about an experience of my welcoming family ordering a limo for the night for us to party exclusively, VIP style all night long. And I talked about how amazing it was. Well the family did it again!

By ordering another great limo party by these guys: http://www.annarborlimoservices.com/

It was super duper cool the second time around as I knew what was to be expected. What I decided to do was not drink so much at the house but wait till we were inside the limo and then began partying up a storm. PHEW

This didn’t have the same feel of nervousness from the first day and the tension but I was more used to the environment and I was ready to rock. We arrived to my friends house and it was beginning to pour. We had drinks but this time I only allowed myself to drink beer to start off as I knew it was about to be a long night once again.

By 7 pm the limo arrived, all white and dazzling. The driver came up to the door with an umbrella and proceeded to escort us into the limo in groups of 3-4. It was great to see this level of care and service.

Next the vehicle was spacious even more so than the last time. I was pleasantly surprised… Next we brought all the drinks in the ride and music. Instead of Kalamazoo, this time we were in Ann Arbor because this is where my friends lived and we were ready to set off to Detroit where my friend had reserved VIP at several venues.

But my highlight of the night was honestly the ride there, it was ridiculously fun or we were just that ridiculous lol. It was exciting right from the start because my friends all had these drinking game ready for us. And the music was great, plus the club like lighting made it feel like we were already at the club minus the loud music. We were able to talk to each other.

Which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Before long we were at the venue as time tend to fly inside limo rides. We arrived and it was quarter after 9, we were hyped. And ready to dance! we entered the club past the bouncers that looked like ogres from Lord of the Rings and entered a cascading spiraling set of stairs that took us into a long narrow hallway that looked like we were ready to drop acid and fall down the rabbit hole into Alice and Wonderlands. Past the long narrow corridor we arrived to a open dance floor tattooed with black and white patches that gave it the Michael Jackson Thriller feel.

The surrounding was 80’s but with EDM music that made it seem like the ultra festival I’ve been to last year. We danced on the floor for what seemed like hours and we were really enjoying it.

Then inevitably it was time for us to leave, and by then my memory begins to get fuzzy as I had continued to take group shots inside the venue.


I do remember entering into the limo to take us home and feeling safe and comfortable, and my friend said I just passed out in the back seat while some of my friends stayed up to party on the way home but by then I guess it was already 3:30 am.

In conclusion, I had another fantastic partying experience in the US. and now I’m beginning to think this country is not at all a bad place. Even though the cold Michigan weather is killing me, I’m really starting to dig the new friends and their style of partying.


Next Chapter of Life, Gratitude

I had a conversation with my father the other day about my life in Michigan. It was during Thanks Giving and the family I was staying with had grand parent to cousins over and I was feeling rather homesick and missing my family. Europe is far away and Michigan is starting to get very cold with it comes a little sense of sadness that is bit difficult to describe.

My conversation with my father lasted an hour in which we discussed about many things and him showing me support on no matter what I do they are fully supportive and I was very grateful to have such a great caring father.

Basically he told me to go out there and get new experiences, create new friendship and make great memories. My father has always been open minded and giving me bit of freedom to go experience the world and we also talked about next chapter of my life.

Whether I find something great in the US and decide to stay or I come back to Europe as new and evolved self, I promised my father that I will do what is necessary to get to the next level of my life and seek new meaning of happiness.

What makes me happy is becoming a better version of myself each and everyday and always striving to be a better person everyday. Going out there and doing something fearful, instead of getting trapped in the comfort zones, I want to push it and explore new boundaries. So That is basically what I am after and I will be studying more and being more social.

Even though it is cold I refuse to sit in and troll the internet all day long. On the weekend I want to meet new people and get to know new social groups.

There will be new adventures coming!


American Culture, Party like a Big Shot by Getting A Limo


Now I used to party with friends European style, I was born and raised in the UK and for us we enjoy going to clubs and pubs but we had public transport available so driving drunk and risking an DUI was never an issue for us!

I come to the US, and first join my home stay friends whom I’ve met through online. They threw a little celebration gift for me by gathering people that they knew and throwing a limo party.

Coming from Europe I have never experience anything like this before.

It felt very Hollywood and quite frankly the ride was quite amazing, like the ones you see in movie or tv shows like Entourage or something. I got to get to know my friends really quick and it was a great way to meet all new friends as the limo ride gave us an intimate time together before we showed up at various club and venues for the night.

I felt appreciated and cared for, and to be honest I was quite nervous going into the whole new situation of partying with American kids and I worried a lot. To the point, I was almost sick at the beginning of the night. But as soon as we entered the limo, and people made me feel welcomed I felt happy and excited. The guy that reserved the limo for me was quite charming, and honestly fell for him right there and then, to know that he went through the effort to get the limo for me.

We had an absolute blast throughout the night, it was incredible. This limo driver took us to all the hottest spots in Michigan and I felt I was partying lavishly. Did Americans party like this all the time? I though…

I asked them about this, and they told me that because drinking and driving regulation is so harsh, and going to clubs someone needs to drive, a lot of times its much better to just get a limo ride that way the night is guaranteed to be a blast. but even they admit that they didn’t do it in a while and they thought it would be a great gift for my welcoming party.

The best party about the whole limo experience was the fact that we got to not only pre-game and play fun drinking games but we got to play my own music. Since I brought my ipod from Europe I was able to share with them my music collection, you know.. the stuff that European girls are into. and I got to hear their taste.

I mean it was fantastic to share these things in the first 1-2 hours of meeting, the conversation was never dull and we got to know each other very fast.

Admittedly, the alcohol helped each of us get loose and playful. Overall, I very much enjoyed my first night in the USA, and the partying was unlike what I’m used to in the states, I think the limo made the night extra special and I very much thank my new homestay buddies for welcoming me with open hands.

I can’t wait to find out what the next couple months will bring! cheeers!