American Culture, Party like a Big Shot by Getting A Limo


Now I used to party with friends European style, I was born and raised in the UK and for us we enjoy going to clubs and pubs but we had public transport available so driving drunk and risking an DUI was never an issue for us!

I come to the US, and first join my home stay friends whom I’ve met through online. They threw a little celebration gift for me by gathering people that they knew and throwing a limo party.

Coming from Europe I have never experience anything like this before.

It felt very Hollywood and quite frankly the ride was quite amazing, like the ones you see in movie or tv shows like Entourage or something. I got to get to know my friends really quick and it was a great way to meet all new friends as the limo ride gave us an intimate time together before we showed up at various club and venues for the night.

I felt appreciated and cared for, and to be honest I was quite nervous going into the whole new situation of partying with American kids and I worried a lot. To the point, I was almost sick at the beginning of the night. But as soon as we entered the limo, and people made me feel welcomed I felt happy and excited. The guy that reserved the limo for me was quite charming, and honestly fell for him right there and then, to know that he went through the effort to get the limo for me.

We had an absolute blast throughout the night, it was incredible. This limo driver took us to all the hottest spots in Michigan and I felt I was partying lavishly. Did Americans party like this all the time? I though…

I asked them about this, and they told me that because drinking and driving regulation is so harsh, and going to clubs someone needs to drive, a lot of times its much better to just get a limo ride that way the night is guaranteed to be a blast. but even they admit that they didn’t do it in a while and they thought it would be a great gift for my welcoming party.

The best party about the whole limo experience was the fact that we got to not only pre-game and play fun drinking games but we got to play my own music. Since I brought my ipod from Europe I was able to share with them my music collection, you know.. the stuff that European girls are into. and I got to hear their taste.

I mean it was fantastic to share these things in the first 1-2 hours of meeting, the conversation was never dull and we got to know each other very fast.

Admittedly, the alcohol helped each of us get loose and playful. Overall, I very much enjoyed my first night in the USA, and the partying was unlike what I’m used to in the states, I think the limo made the night extra special and I very much thank my new homestay buddies for welcoming me with open hands.

I can’t wait to find out what the next couple months will bring! cheeers!